Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sudbury Star Endorses Green Party Candidate Fred Twilley in Nickel Belt!

The Sudbury Star (a daily newspaper belonging to the Osprey media group, serving the City of Greater Sudbury and many of its outlying communities in the Nickel Belt electoral District) today offered an endorsement of Fred Twilley as one of two candidates of choice for Nickel Belt. The Star endorsement pragmatically assesses the performance of the two front-runners, NDP candidate Claude Gravelle and Liberal candidate Louise Portelance, and essentially concludes that Gravelle would be the better of two bad choices. For anyone seriously looking for change, and for a credible candidate, Fred Twilley of the Green Party is the place to park your vote.

Although the Star acknowledges that Fred has little chance of winning in Nickel Belt, the editorial provides a list of reasons why voters should nevertheless feel good about casting a ballot for Fred and the Greens.

Nickel Belt has traditionally bounced between the NDP and Liberals, with outgoing Liberal MP Ray Bonin retiring this time around in favour of former municipal councillor Louise Portelance, who by all accounts has done a woeful job in this campaign. Gravelle has also under-performed, as alluded to in this article. Only Fred Twilley of the Greens has shone. It’s clear that his star is rising.

While it might not yet be the time for Nickel Belt to go Green, one can’t help but wonder what the near future might hold for this electoral district.

Oh, by the way, keep in mind that there is currently no Green Electoral District Association in Nickel Belt, and that Fred is campaigning with a team you can count on one hand, and with the finances only a little bigger than what you’re carrying in your own wallet right now!

We here in Sudbury are very proud of what Fred has accomplished, largely from just knocking on doors and talking to people. Way to go, Fred!

Steve May, CEO Sudbury Federal Green Party Association

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