Saturday, December 4, 2010

Earth, Our Savior

I am not a religious person, but I do believe that something must have created the universe and everything in it. Most humans believe that humans are God’s (creator’s) most remarkable achievement. I would have to disagree, with over 6 billion people on this planet, I would have to say, we humans are a dime a dozen. What is truly spectacular is the planet EARTH.

The Earth provides everything we humans as well as other species need to survive. There is only one like it, as far as we know. Earth alone sustains life. The Earth has been here for billions of years, while humans have not. The Earth has the ability to repair itself and reinvent itself. Humans, while very unique, are just a little more than parasites of the Earth. We take what we need from our host, Earth, with little consideration as how our actions affect it. In nature some parasites kill its host without realizing it is doing so, and as a result, kills itself. We humans are such parasites. I read that a successful parasite provides some benefits to its host, referred to as symbiosis. A successful parasite must do the following: withstand the unfavorable condition, reproduce within the host, locate a new host, (not possible yet) enter the host simply, and AVOID KILLING THE HOST.

We will continue to take from the Earth until the Earth has no ability to sustain life upon it. Who will be here in the end? Earth will survive no matter what we do to it. We humans will not, and we may take a few other species with us.

I often wonder if humans showed the same devotion to mother Earth as we do to God the Creator whether we would be much better off. Imagine if all schools were required to pray for mother Earth daily in school. Imagine if we all were to pledge allegiance to Earth, our savior, instead of treating it so badly. Perhaps God created humans to save the planet, not destroy it and not use it for our own selfishness. Humans alone are unique in the abilities we have to work together and achieve great things.

What many people do not understand is by “saving the planet” we strive to help our planet remain capable of sustaining life. If we put our minds together and work on serious solutions, we can save this planet not to save the planet for its own sake, but to save it for ourselves and human kind’s future.

Candice Goodmurphy-Colussi
Fundraising/Events Chair Sudbury Green Party of Ontario CA

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